Sugar Ray Dogs
Dirty Kitchen Songs

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Artista: Sugar Ray Dogs
Titolo: Dirty Kitchen Songs
Genere: Blues
Supporto: CD Audio

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Artist: Sugar Ray Dogs
Title: Dirty Kitchen Songs
Genre: Blues
Release Data: december 2016
Record Company: Ultra Sound Records

Ernani Ray D. Natarella : vocal and acustic guitar
Archi Scalatti: strings quartet

Sugar Ray Dogs – Dirty Kitchen Dogs.

Songs on the CD

Sugar Ray Dogs – ‘ Dirty Kitchen Songs ‘

  1. Come On, Come On, Come On
  2. Dirty Kitchen Song
  3. How Can I Tell Her
  4. Look Like a Man on the Moon
  5. Love Will Not Hit You Anymore
  6. Over That Motel
  7. Stuck in a Moment
  8. Soul Becomes Blind
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