Stefano Bagnoli
Complete course about jazz drums

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Author: Stefano Bagnoli
Title: Complete course about jazz drums
Genre: eBook
Support: Ebooks including audio tracks (MP3)

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Author: Stefano Bagnoli
Title: Complete course about jazz drums
Support: Ebook including audio tracks (MP3)
Release Data: october 2016
Publishing Company: Cobert Edizioni Musicali sas



A first approach for those unfamiliar with the jazz language applied to instrumental technique. How to extricate yourself in interpreted reading, what exercises to face to stimulate basic independence, a guide to listening through technical studies to begin to “speak” the language of Jazz on drums

TECHNIQUE (method):
A book full of interesting technical ideas with mixed difficulty levels. A notebook of non-chronological notes, like a real didactic “real book” in which coordination, polymetry, transcriptions of original solos, amusing studies with numerical symbols to be applied mathematically between the four arts to deal with infinite possibilities of independence. A travel diary that collects dozens of ideas to be explored and developed at any level.

Ten ingenious manuals, conceived with specific topics and different difficulties. Each manual develops a very simple basic topic, however elaborating increasingly complex technical devices in order to stimulate both creativity and mathematical complexity related to instrumental coordination. Through the guidance of these manuals, intuition, mental speed and technical possibilities become unlimited.

From a paradiddle you can dissect hundreds of exercises as well as from a triplet or from the quarterfinals and even from the breaks … let yourself be guided by these manuals and you will discover an infinite world of study and creative fun.

Play Along
42 backing tracks played live in trio (piano, bass, drums). Get inspired by listening to the versions in trio and then play instead of Bagnoli in the tracks without drums.All the main conventions to know and deepen the jazz language: from blues to rhythm changes, from ballade to bossanova, Latin, odd times and the second line.Different speeds, fills and solos, unconventional metrics and choruses. Specially designed without scores but with a pdf booklet with all the practical indications to memorize to play each song knowing the structure in advance. Like a real jam session in which we can participate only if we know the essential grammar to be able to interact with others, the indispensable “slang” to be able to play in a Jazzswing readings group

The brushes technique (Videos – PDF – and swing readings)
The charm of the brushes and the infinite timbre dynamics they create narrated in detail through hundreds of exercises collected on two books in pdf.
Without arrows and diagrams that reduce the study of the brushes to a mere depersonalizing imitation, but with the use of graphic symbols applied to the notes, clear and intuitive, experimenting and making the exercises in the different sound modes yours, unique and creative.
Technique and rhythmic readings combined experimenting further with rhythmic solfeggio through the technique and creativity that you strengthen over time.

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