Volume 1

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Artists: QuartettoZ
Title: Volume 1
Genre: Jazz
Package: CD Audio

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Artists: QuartettoZ
Title: Volume 1
Genre: Jazz
Release date: november 2010
Record Company: Ultra Sound Records

Stefano Melloni: alto & soprano sax
Pasquale M. Morgante: piano
Alex Carreri: double bass
Stefano Peretto: drums

Franz Campi: voce
Claudio Lolli: vocals
Iskra Menarini: vocals
Mircomenna: vocals
Silvia Mezzanotte: vocals
Andrea Mirò: vocals
Gianni Togni: vocals

‘ Volume 1 ‘ Refinement and lightness: these are the sensations offered by Quartetto Z’s sound; the work is a reinterpretation of some famous song of Italian pop music, narrated through original jazz versions. The name of the guartet give a hint: listening zigzags, some moments attracted by the fulfillment out of a melody retracing old emotional grooves, other moments fascinated by the unexpected habit worn by known tunes. Elaborated Harmonies, surprising rhythms, evocative interpretations. Four talented and ecletic jazzmen (Stefano Melloni – alto and soprano sax, Pasquale M. Morgante – piano, Alex Carreri – double bass, Stefano Peretto – drums) along with seven unforgettable voices and songwriters of the pop Italian scene (Franz Campi, Claudio Lolli, Iskra Menarini, Mircomenna, Silvia Mezzanotte, Andrea Mirò, Gianni Togni).

Songs on the CD

QuartettoZ – ‘ Volume 1 ‘

  1. L’ angelo e la pazienza
  2. Domenica bestiale
  3. Spaccacuore
  4. Vitamina in c
  5. Amore che vieni, amore che vai
  6. Gli uccelli
  7. Extraterrestre
  8. Cogli la prima mela
  9. Amore disperato
  10. Damasco
  11. Il veccho e il bambino
  12. Una carezza in un pugno
  13. La canzone di Marinella


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