Massimiliano Alloisio Loris Stefanuto
Come il Vento

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Artists: Massimiliano Alloisio Loris Stefanuto
Title: Come il vento
Genre: World
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Artists: Massimiliano Alloisio Loris Stefanuto
Title: Come il vento
Genre: World
Release date: 2008
Record Company: Ultra Sound Records

Massimiliano Alloisio: classic guitar
Loris Stefanuto: percussions.

Massimiliano Alloisio e Loris Stefanuto – ‘Come il vento’. The duo, made up by guitar and percussions, highlights the natural union between two instruments, and expands its capabilities a the highest level, drawing on musical pages from countries where the instruments of this album play a key role: Venezuelan Valses , Brasilian music, Carribean sounds.
The CD is characterized by continuous improvisational exchanges, based on pieces extracted from a wide repertoire for guitar: classical music (G. Sanz, A. Barrios), Spanish music (I. Albeniz, F. Tarrega), Flamenco (P. de Lucia, V. Amigo, J. Lorenzo, O. Blanco) South American music both inspired by folk tradition (J. Pernambuco, Pixinguinha) and cultured music (A. Lauro, Garoto).
Each piece reaches a new life through percussions support (cajon e pandeiro) with solos interchanges, variations and pedal harmonies, in order to propose an actual interpretation of guitar repertoire.
In summary guitar, both a cultured and a popular instrument all along, and percussions, representing rhythmical matrix, find in this interesting duo an extremely natural and enjoyable sounding blend.

Songs on the CD

Massimiliano Alloisio e Loris Stefanuto – ‘ Come il vento ‘

  1. West Coast
  2. Tango en Skai
  3. Allegro solenne
  4. Romanza
  5. Oriente Saudale
  6. Valse Criollo
  7. Rio Duende
  8. Registro, Preludio
  9. Canarios
  10. Valse Venezolano n. 2
  11. Son de carrilhoes
  12. Come il vento
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