Leo Lagorio

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Artists: Leo Lagorio
Title: Project
Genre: Pop-Rock
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Artist: Leo Lagorio
Title: Project
Genre: Pop-Rock
Release Data: Ottobre 2021
Record Company: Ultra Sound Records


Leo Lagorio – Project, I hide my nostalgia of the 60s behind a smile, while the “flower children” ignited the revolution without striking a blow and the music … the music stirred souls and gave itself to the young in an explosion of colours. Everyone was infatuated with the Beatles, the Rolling Stones, Elvis, Jimi Hendrix and some with John Coltrane. Well, Leo loved them too, but at that time he already had a weakness for the latter: John and Jazz Music.
Leo was different. I understood this immediately and it was an honour for me to share the first years of music with him. Then our paths divided because he took the uphill one and got very far even though he always hid behind the scenes. After Pop he moved onto Prog with considerable success and finally to Jazz, which is his home.
We got back together again 20 years later in the Jazz Ambassadors Big Band founded by Emilio Lepre in the period before his death and the transition to a new direction. Precisely that of Leonardo Lagorio.
Leo has never stopped playing the sax and the piano, true extensions of his hands and his heart. He has conducted numerous ensembles but above all, having now reached the age of judgment, Leo Lagorio he is gathering together his compositions choosing some songs to record on a CD that I am sure will be impressive.
Relaxed and informal melodies, deep harmonies and surprising rhythms. Leo still manages to amaze and grow, but he will never renounce the “time of apples” – adolescence; such as, for example, in these two
pieces remodelled according to his current formal and tasteful acquisitions: “A Song for me” (1980) and “In the dark of this time” (1974), alluding to autobiographical connections. But even before that, the easy feel of the songs that spread across the airwaves of Radio Montecarlo, with the effervescent comments of Herbert Pagani, while Radio Luxembourg brought us the latest recordings from the world: Procol Harum, Joe Cocker, Julie Driscoll, JimmieSmith, the Bee Gees, just to name a few ……… Finally, when at night, on the promenade of San Bartolomeo al Mare, invaded by young Vikings “female fans”, we felt like stars. We from Equipe 005.
Leo offered beautiful themes with his sax and also tried his hand as a vocalist. “Twist and shout” and Reach out, I’ll be there” were his workhorses at the time. In the meantime he bestowed broad smiles on our Nordic fans and to us, while drops of life slowly and softly fell from the sky.
Federico Amoretti

Songs on the USB Card

Leo Lagorio – Project

  1. A song for me
  2. In the dark of this time
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