Jimmy Ragazzon

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Artist: Jimmy Ragazzon
Title: SongBag
Genre: Blues
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Artist: Jimmy Ragazzon
Title: SongBag
Genre: Blues
Release Data: november 2016
Record Company: Ultra Sound Records

Musicians :
La line-up di “Songbag” è un quintetto base:
Jimmy Ragazzon : voce, armonica e chitarra. acustica
Marco Rovino: chitarra, mandolino e backing vocals
Luca Bartolini: chitarra e backing vocals
Paolo Ercoli: dobro e backing vocals
Rino Garzia: contrabbasso

Ospiti :
Joe Barreca,
Roberto Diana,
Chiara Giacobbe,
Maurizio “Gnola” Glielmo,
Riccardo Maccabruni,
Franco Rivoira
e il già citato Jono Manson

Jimmy Ragazzon – ‘SongBag’. I’ve thought about making an acoustic album for a long time: the clean tones of the wood instruments, the atmosphere of the vocals, a simple and natural sound to create a unique feeling among musicians.
And, as much as possible, with most of the songs recorded live, playing together in studio. The opportunity was offered by Stefano Bertolotti by Ultra Sound Records.
I first proposed my compositions to Marco Rovino, my bandmate in Mandolin’ Brothers and then to other musicians of the blues/country/bluegrass Italian scene, many of whom I met on the road during 37 years of music.
Everyone took part in the project with enthusiasm, working out the arrangements and contributing ideas. Jono Manson, who had already produced “Far Out” the latest work of the Mandolin’ Brothers, accepted my proposal to mix and master the album, adding his musical imprint.
The album consists of ten tracks. There are eight original songs and two covers: “Spanish Is The Loving Tongue” by Bob Dylan and “The Cape” by Guy Clark.
Partly it’s an autobiographical album, but also contains personal reflections on social and cultural issues.

Songs on the CD

Jimmy Ragazzon – ‘ SongBag ‘

  1. D Tox Song
  2. Old Blues Man
  3. Spanish Is the Loving Tongue
  4. 24 Weeks
  5. Sold
  6. Evening Rain
  7. The Cape
  8. Dirty Dark Hands
  9. Going Down
  10. In a Better Life

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Jimmy Ragazzon

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