A.Candeloro, G.Cazzola, C.Bavetta

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Artists: A.Candeloro, G.Cazzola, C.Bavetta
Title: TALES
Genre: JAZZ
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Artists: A.Candeloro – G.Cazzola – C.Bavetta
Title: TALES
Genre: Jazz
Release data: 24 Settembre 2021
Record Company: Ultra Sound Records

Andrea Candeloro : Piano
Gianni Cazzola : Drums
Carlo Bavetta : Double-bass

Andrea Candeloro – Gianni Cazzola – Carlo Bavetta – TALES The trio represents an example of how the jazz tradition can be a resource that often opens up unpredictable paths: the repertoire, made up of standards and original tunes, the band plays the tunes in a very personal way, albeit paying homage to the great cornerstones of this music.
The Feeling between a historical musician of the caliber of Cazzola and the two emerging young musicians: Candeloro and Bavetta creates a very rare musical understanding, mainly characterized by a unique swing in its authenticity and a deep interplay.

CD Songs

Andrea Candeloro – Gianni Cazzola – Carlo Bavetta : TALES

  1. Flor-Es (Andrea Candeloro)
  2. Blues for Franco (Gianni9 Cazzola)
  3. Parlami d’amore Mariù (Cesare Andrea Bixio arr. Franco Cerri)
  4. Kamala (Andrea Candeloro)
  5. Conception (George Shearing)
  6. My ideal (Richard A.Whiting)
  7. Young at Heart (Johnny Richards)


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