Paolo Terlingo Andrea Sacchi

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Artists: Paolo Terlingo Andrea Sacchi
Title: Magdalen
Genre: Blues
Package: CD Audio
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Artists: Paolo Terlingo Andrea Sacchio
Title: Magdalen
Genre: Blues
Release date: september 2011
Record Company: Ultra Sound Records

Musicians :
Paolo Terlingo: guitar and vocals
Andrea Sacchi: harp

P. Terlingo, A. Sacchi – ‘Magdalen’ . At the second Chapter of feminine trilogy , Andrea Sacchi and Paolo Terlingo, after “Eve” in “Seven Days” deal now with “Magdalen”,one of the most misterious characters of western culture: Mary Magdalen: the prostitute who joined “the Twelve”.
The one some apocryphal gospel indentifies even with apostle John, made masculine after some centuries, or some others call Jesus’ sons mother, gone with them to Paris afterwards. The structure it’s the same experimented for the above-mentioned “Seven Days”: harp, guitar & voice, nothing else.
Blues aptitude in this case embrace perfectly dramatic issues of this character. In this album in addition are remarkable other stylistic influences: a singer-songwriter “allure” dealing with Ani Difranco without giving up to Sonny Terry and Brownie Mcghee. A Two-years preparatory work coagulated into a month of recording session to refine the sound perfectly (awesome the work on guitars made by sound engineer Simone Loda). Also notable the great deepening of harps, diatonic one used in all its positions and cromatic one which gives a jazzy flavour to the already vast stock of knowledge shown by a surprising Andrea Sacchi.

Songs on the CD

Paolo Terlingo e Andrea Sacchi – ‘ Magdalen ‘

  1. Mauvais Esprit
  2. Narrow Strips of Sunlite
  3. Enjambement
  4. Etude un
  5. Eventually They All Lose
  6. Inside Blues
  7. Magdalen
  8. Seven A.M.
  9. Why
  10. Etude trois
  11. Mind Wonders
  12. The Chalice
  13. A Slide Lullaby



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