Musicisti :

Cristian Marin: Guitar
Francesca Morandi: Electric Doublebass
Massimiliano Varotto: Drums and Percussion
Special Guests:
Andrea Andreoli: Trombone on Groove Added For Hot Mornings
Tarcisio Olgiati: Tenor Sax on Reincarnation Of A Lovebird
All songs are composed by Cristian Marin, except Reincarnation Of A Lovebird by
Charles Mingus.
All songs are arranged by Cristian Marin, Francesca Morandi, Massimiliano Varotto
Cristian Marin plays: Suhr Guitars, Alvarez Guitars, Strymon Pedals
Francesca Morandi plays: MK Contrabbassi Elettrici
Recorded from the 27th. to the 30th. of December 2019 at Auditoria Records studios

Cristian Marin Trio – Shape
The trio takes shape in 2016 from an idea of Cristian Marin and Massimiliano Varotto, musicians and friends who have been sharing artistic and educational experiences for many years. They decided to start a project together that encloses their passion for their music and arts: literally everything they are passionate about, without any compromises, led by a total freedom of expression.

To complete the trio, they decided to involve the eclectic talent of the double bass player Francesca Morandi, whose artistic contribution, combined with Cristian Marin’ Guitar and Massimilano Varotto’s drums and percussion, express a bucolic journey through art, music and emotions.

Shape is an album made up of seven original tracks, composed by Cristian Marin and a standard by Charles Mingus.
It has been shaped around a set of music influences ranging from jazz to fusion, from rock to ethnic and classical music.
Each track expresses an emotional journey: it is an ethereal and unique world aiming to recreate a long-lasting musical experience.

Roots – Asili Na Maisha is dedicated to Mother Nature, enhancing native and primordial forces.
Hungarian Wind is a tribute to the genius of Béla Bartók.
Groove Added For Hot Mornings is a visionary and psychedelic journey.
In addition, two precious collaborations brought an extra sparkle to the music work: Andrea Andreoli on trombone and Tarcisio Olgiati on sax.


Cristian Marin Trio – Shape

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